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Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Twitter 08-26-2009

  • 03:14:45: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08-25-2009: 03:19:24: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08..
  • 06:22:13: Wt: 177, RHR: 48, BF: 18.3%
  • 07:50:12: Made it to work finally! That freeway construction outside of town is in full swing now.
  • 08:16:47: RT @Oblivion: THAT is irony, RT @RTDNEWS: #RVA SPCA chief 's dog died after being left in hot car for 4 hours. - d'oh!
  • 08:22:56: Yes, I said bazillion.
  • 08:23:57: Jimmy Moore uses it on his videos
  • 08:55:48: Damn Microsoft for causing confusion and delay by calling reboot "restart"
  • 08:56:19: Ooh, ooh! - RT @JillianMichaels: Check it out, clips from the new season of BL!
  • 09:38:00: RT @Ali_Sweeney: I will give away an EA Sports Active to a new follower of @MDAnews on Friday. So follow them for a chance to win!
  • 10:21:52: RT @BackpackerMag: dumb yosemite campers leave food out for bear. video: #fb
  • 12:37:32: User: "But you showed me how to do this BEFORE." Me: "Please look at this flowchart..."
  • 12:37:54: I don't REMEMBER telling him how to do it before, much less how to do it.
  • 12:39:53: Coffia
  • 12:40:06: Or Chiaffee
  • 12:41:55: it'd be like coffee jello... or that stuff they ate in the matrix flavored like coffee
  • 12:42:47: Geez after today's intervals I'm going to enjoy just doing 3 miles tomorrow. Those were tough.
  • 14:23:40: Here's #2: RT @CelebNewsWire: RIP Dominick Dunne
  • 16:01:27: Hydration motivational poster:
  • 16:10:33: Wow... RT @AZRunningNews: #marathon #running Madonna Madonna Prepares ForUltra Marathon Contactmusic News
  • 18:54:29: RT @runnrgrl: camel toe #meganfox - and that's a problem how?
  • 21:43:07: RT @thechoirtweet: Derri says: working on a new Choir song. It's really good! we're going into the studio starting the 2nd week of Sept.
  • 22:55:06: Madonna rumor was false. :) She's not training for Marathon des Sables after all. @bicoastalite

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