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Thursday, November 19, 2009

CIM Training Week 6, Day 4: 5 Miles

Yesterday after work, using the CIM route posted by the Sacramento Bee the other day, I drove the CIM route. Those hills at the beginning are scary! It's going to be an interesting race. There was so much traffic though, it took me over an hour to drive the whole thing. I was trying to take video, but I ran out of space on the Flip about 2 miles before the end.

I'm planning to go back on Saturday and drive it again during the day when there's more light, and less cars.

I slowed it down a bit today, and managed pretty even splits all around. Most importantly, I've earned a day of rest! (and there was much rejoicing - yay)

Mile 1: 9:43
Mile 2: 9:39
Mile 3: 9:43
Mile 4: 9:47
Mile 5: 9:48

5 miles, 48:43, 9:44/mi average, 556 calories burned

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