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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Run - 16 Miles

Well, look at that. I totally blew that opportunity. The 1000th post to this blog wasn't a workout report, wasn't a long essay on blogging, and wasn't a run report. Sadly, it was just a collection of tweets, the first of which was just a link to the previous day's tweets!

My apologies.

That said, I had a pretty darn good long run. I was scheduled for 13 miles, but I had a slight dilemma: the Men's Breakfast was at 8:30. Did I want to go there, then run in the afternoon, or should I run there and then run back? Mapping it out online, it was 8 miles one way, making 16 mile round trip. I finally decided to run there and back.

I didn't want two separate tracks created in the Garmin, so I paused the workout and let it stay on until I was going to leave. This would create more problems than the two separate tracks; more on that later.

Along the way, I did a long run video, but tried something different this time around: I stopped at various fast food places along the way, and talked about the typical lunch orders I'd make from those places back before I was eating right. In the final video, I'll edit in the calories those meals consisted of. It's pretty enlightening how a person can become obese.

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Run - General
Distance:15.86 mi

On the way back, rather than run through Marysville between the 5th Street Bridge and the E Street Bridge, I across the old railroad trestle across the Feather River, then around the levees to the E Street Bridge. The trestle itself is a little too rickety to run across regularly (some of those wooden walkways are unstable), but I found running on the levee to be much better than running through Marysville. No stops at lights, no traffic, much smoother! So I'll be using that route from now on.

Mile 1: 9:48
Mile 2: 9:50
Mile 3: 10:09
Mile 4: 12:09
Mile 5: 11:37
Mile 6: 10:05
Mile 7: 12:31
Mile 8: 9:38
Mile 9: 9:32
Mile 10: 10:39
Mile 11: 12:20
Mile 12: 14:36
Mile 13: 12:23
Mile 14: 13:10
Mile 15: 13:18
Mile 16: 12:59 (.84 mile)

15.84 miles, 3:02:40, 11:32/mi average, 1754 calories burned

I mentioned there was an issue with pausing the Garmin. Typically, when I load my runs into Sporttracks, I do an elevation correction, the calculate a powertrack based on the elevation. After the powertrack is calculated, the calories burned will be corrected, which the Garmin will always miscalculate due to not using heart rate as a variable.

Normally when the recalculation is finished, the calories listed are much lower. It should be somewhere in the range of 100 to 120 calories per mile, so a 16-mile run should be anywhere from 1600 to 1800 calories. After calculation, Sporttracks reported 3300! I don't even burn that many calories in a full marathon.

I started playing around with the settings, looking at different things, but nothing worked until I started splitting up the run. Come to find out, what was happening was Sporttracks was taking into consideration the time (2 hours) between the first half and the second half of the run. So it said ok, he's burning this many calories by not being in motion, and arbitrarily added 1500 calories to account for those 2 hours!

I finally had to start splitting up the run in order to find where the 2 hours of standing still was. After splitting it in half about 6 times, I removed a hundredth of a mile segment, then used a plug-in called Apply Route to merge them back together. 1754 seemed a lot more reasonable than 3200.

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