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Saturday, February 20, 2010

From Twitter 02-19-2010

  • 03:03:17: New post on my blog: From Twitter 02-18-2010: 03:02:38: New post on my blog: From Twitter 02-17-2010: 00:33:22: Ne...
  • 07:18:21: Wt: 175, RHR: 54, BF: 17.1% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 07:41:09: I'm at Tower Mart (1976 McGowan Pkwy, Powerline Rd, Olivehurst).
  • 09:08:11: #WLMon Time for me to get in on the weight loss picture bandwagon. The left is right around Christmas, 2004, I was a...
  • 09:13:19: Of all the... I forgot to put the stick back in my workout bag. D'oh!
  • 09:19:04: Tiger Woods Announces Return To Sex:
  • 11:39:31: RT @MikeOMearaShow: New show posted Car 54, Where Are You?: Finally Friday! Old buddy Katie Forbes powers joins us as we talk “Mayor .. ...
  • 13:10:56: After yesterday's twitcleaner duties, I just reran the report: 1 of the 574 Tweeps you're following are potentially garbage (i.e. 0%)
  • 15:11:16: Talkshoe just crashed my 5 million Firefox windows! KHAAAAAAAAAN!
  • 15:26:59: I'm at The Gym (9844 Business Park Dr., Sacramento).
  • 17:16:30: You know that scene in Office Space, where Lumberg goes on about working Saturday? Mm-kay? That just happened to me. Just now.
  • 17:16:56: I will not be coming in tomorrow. I will, however, be doing some work from home. Grumble. Grouse.
  • 19:21:21: I'm at Walmart (1131 North Beale Rd., Marysville).
  • 19:42:20: I'm at Food Maxx (6000 Lindhurst Ave., Marysville).
  • 21:37:42: How will Kevin Johnson's strong mayor initiative affect #foursquare mayors?
  • 21:58:18: I just found out my wife let the 5yo and 4yo watch Toy Story in their bedroom. The whole thing. It just finished. it's 9pm.
  • 21:58:33: I wonder why during the week we have trouble getting the girls to go to sleep?
  • 22:00:18: I'm fairly certain that if not for the courage of the fierless crew, the Minnow would be lost.
  • 22:20:37: Completed Weight Training. 149 (kcal). 00:27:25
  • 22:23:58: Completed Elliptical Workout. 329 (kcal). 3.20 mi.. 00:33:00
  • 23:10:46: New post on my blog: Weight Training + Elliptical: Today's workout:Warmup, w/45lb barbell, 3 sets of 5Overhead Bar...

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