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Monday, March 08, 2010

From Twitter 03-07-2010

  • 03:02:06: New post on my blog: From Twitter 03-06-2010: 03:02:36: New post on my blog: From Twitter 03-05-2010: 03:02:53: Ne...
  • 08:28:03: Wt: 175.6, RHR: 50, BF: 17.2% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 09:35:33: I'm at Arco AM/PM (1129 North Beale Rd., Marysville).
  • 09:51:28: I'm at The Rivers Foursquare Church (1548 Poole Blvd., Ste. D, Yuba City).
  • 12:23:44: This new song's chorus at church sounds like the intro to Fame. :)
  • 13:02:05: I'm at Raintree Car Wash (970 Tharp Rd., Yuba City).
  • 13:04:36: I'm coughing all this gunk up today. Bleah.
  • 13:07:58: What a nice day. I'm tempted to run, but my congestion & my quads are looking at me with arms folded, shaking their heads.
  • 14:57:47: OK so how creepy is it that in Just One of the Guys, the guy's best friend reveals his (her) boobs to him, so a month later they date?
  • 15:27:45: Damn you, @Palm #Pre commercial, you made me pick up my phone by playing the notification sound!
  • 15:28:12: Aw man, it's NOT mst3k. The description led me to believe it was. :(
  • 16:06:04: A friend of mine just posted a video that at the end, has my formerly fatass self! Woo! :)
  • 17:48:42: I'm going to make a competing site called @hourlymile
  • 18:59:03: Does the new @palm #pre Facebook app support notifications, or am I missing something? Notifications make FriendsFlow superior if not.

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