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Saturday, March 20, 2010

From Twitter 03-19-2010

  • 03:03:13: New post on my blog: From Twitter 03-18-2010: 03:04:19: New post on my blog: From Twitter 03-17-2010: 03:03:39: Ne...
  • 06:18:20: Wt: 175.6, RHR: 49, BF: 17.1% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 06:47:50: I'm at Tower Mart (4217 Arboga Rd., McGowan Pkwy, Olivehurst).
  • 07:49:05: That's great! RT @RunRonRun: This is odd!
  • 08:56:16: A local Sacramento runner, needs some Dailymile friendship love. Show it to him! :)
  • 09:19:58: User tells me he's out of toner not when he uses his spare, but when the spare is depleted and he has nothing.
  • 09:20:23: I put in an overnight order for toner for him, I check the website which shows delivered and signed for.
  • 09:20:51: I call the user, hey, you got that toner? No, I haven't seen it. I say, you signed for it! He starts screaming, "I DIDN'T SIGN FOR IT!"
  • 09:21:00: Website shows scanned copy of his signature on the line.
  • 09:39:28: RT @DamonLindelof: By the end of this weekend, the finale will exist. Wow.
  • 09:45:57: Oh man, I'm depressed. An old friend from high school's daughter is in labor. :-o
  • 09:46:07: But we're only 40!
  • 09:54:24: Opinions: would it be bad to run the 4 miles to the 5k, run the race, then run 4 miles back home?
  • 10:20:28: Yup, just checked with my wife, time-wise I wouldn't have time to run home after the race to pick them up and take them to the parade.
  • 10:48:53: After this week I'm considering a career change. Is Walmart hiring?
  • 11:04:53: REI just posted something to FB... this woman responded. There's something odd about her profile picture.
  • 11:45:11: Good idea? Dumb? With deaths reported at events recently, I'm not sure what to think here....
  • 11:52:36: As the years went by, we drifted apart. When I knew that he was gone, I felt a shadow cross my heart.
  • 14:03:11: Windows update, why won't you show me the prompt to say YES, run your ActiveX control???
  • 14:17:34: Amazing, going backwards in my downloads directory by date is like stepping through history hahahaa
  • 17:16:08: I'm at Bradshaw Shell (3591 Bradshaw Rd., Sacramento).
  • 19:04:08: I'm at El Zarape Restaurant (1005 Stafford Wy., Yuba City).
  • 19:07:37: I was robbed, there's no mayor & I've been here twice. @#foursquare
  • 21:09:18: I'm at Walmart (1150 Harter Rd., Yuba City).
  • 21:47:33: RT @DeanKarnazes: 500 miles in 5 days. Whew, SF to LA done. Now, just a marathon to run!
  • 21:57:03: I bought a new roll of @kttape tonight, I'm not racing with my ankle this way without it.

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