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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Recovery Run: 8 miles

I thought for sure I'd be more recovered than I am from yesterday's leg work in the gym, but obviously I'm not. This morning was hard with a capital HARD. I struggled most of the way because of my sore legs, but I managed. I ran before I left for work, meaning I was out there around 4:15am.

Then to top it all off, not one, but two people cut me off only a half mile from my house. Both were at the same stop sign, too! Running on Arboga Rd., I had the right of way and they had a stop, but they tried to beat me there. The first person even waved at me as if there was nothing wrong.

It's not like they couldn't see me. As one person put it, when I wear my nighttime running gear, I'm "lit up like a Christmas tree". I think it's just another case of people caring more about themselves than the people around them.

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Type:Run - General
Distance:8.01 mi

Mile 1: 10:28
Mile 2: 11:35
Mile 3: 12:26
Mile 4: 12:08
Mile 5: 14:57
Mile 6: 15:39
Mile 7: 13:28
Mile 8: 10:24

8 miles, 1:41:10, 12:38/mi average, 839 calories burned

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