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How a 250+ Pound Couch Potato Got Healthy

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weight Training

Bad habits are easy to form. Good habits, those are hard. Here's a hard habit to make. If I don't blog this stuff, come after me.

Warmup, 3 circuits of 5
Overhead Squat
Good Morning
Barbell Lunge
Romanian Deadlift
Bent-over Row

Drop Squat, 3x20
Underhand-grip Dumbell Row, 3x20x25lbs
Reverse Hyperextension, 3x20x60lbs
Pushups, 3x20
Side Bridge, 2x10 (both arms)
Side Lateral Raise & Rotation, 3x20x10lbs

35 minutes, 207 calories burned

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