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Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Twitter 07-21-2010

  • 03:02:25: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-20-2010: 03:02:21: New post on my blog: From Twitter 07-19-2010: 03:02:09: Ne...
  • 04:23:44: Wt: 175.8, RHR: 47, BF: 17.1% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 05:04:08: Circuit training... (@ Pro Fitness w/ @chefperrault)
  • 07:22:35: Awesome dude! RT @sactreasurehunt: Congrats: @chefperrault RT winners, 2 @SacMtnLions tixs!
  • 07:27:56: REI just made my day, 25% off one REI-branded item! #newworkoutbag #fb
  • 07:31:43: I never thought I'd be told something like this, but a guy in the circuit training class with me at the gym called me an animal. Repeatedly.
  • 07:31:57: Is it wrong for me to take glee in a guy who vomited telling me I'm an animal?
  • 07:37:10: I am NOT an animal! I am a HUMAN BEING! #fb
  • 09:19:51: Do you guys know of a 6-week Couch to 5k plan? The ones I'm finding are 9 weeks.
  • 09:20:08: Not that 9 weeks won't work, it;
  • 09:20:10: ack
  • 09:20:19: It's just that the Pink October race is in a little over 6.
  • 10:08:31: "Hello, thank you for calling REI. Our store is currently closed. Our hours are 10am to..." The clock says 10:08. #fb
  • 12:18:08: "Is item #747933 in stock?" "It'll take me a minute, I have to go find a computer."
  • 12:18:33: WTF is wrong with REI today? Their auto attendant said they were still closed for an hour after opening...
  • 12:18:49: Then when someone finally answered, the first thing out of their mouth was, "Please hold I'm with another customer"
  • 12:33:43: First, I forgot to turn on the Garmin for a mile. Then my boss called at mile 3. Meh. Ran 4.5miles -
  • 12:39:47: I just got a call. The user just changed her default webpage, now she can't work because she CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET TO OURS.
  • 12:42:15: Ran 4.5 miles in 45 mins and felt good. First, I forgot to turn on the Garmin for a mile. Then my boss calls at mile...
  • 12:49:29: BOOM!!! Scam NARROWLY averted by my keen IT skill mastery. #fb
  • 12:49:52: Company trying to trick me into ordering supplies from them. The old "the price of your toner is going up tomorrow."
  • 12:50:10: I asked, "What company are you with?" and <CLICK> he hung up.
  • 14:33:06: Did a weights workout for 42 mins and felt great. Last week before the Wednesday morning circuit training class, a g...
  • 14:35:12: Completed a workout named Circuit Training. 338 (kcal). 00:42:55
  • 14:38:40: Completed a workout named 2010/07/21. 552 (kcal). 5.40 mi.. 00:55:46
  • 16:23:00: Fender bender with a mighty-bendered fender, speedwalker cutting across parking lots, bike rider, woman jaywalking w/stroller #seenonmyrun
  • 18:07:37: Body Pump with my wife. Go, Angel! (@ Pro Fitness)
  • 20:16:17: I'm at Walmart (1131 North Beale Rd., Marysville).
  • 21:39:36: Completed a workout named Body Pump. 394 (kcal). 1:11:27
  • 21:42:22: Did a fitness workout for 1 hour and 11 mins and 27 secs and felt great. Took my wife to the body pump class and she...
  • 22:03:16: New post on my blog: We're All Role Models: I've been going to the Wednesday morning circuit training class at my ...
  • 22:04:49: New post on my blog: Today's Workouts: Alright, workout summary...5:15am Circuit Training, 43 minutes, 338 calorie...

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