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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Workouts

Circuit training this morning. Actually, the trainer overslept, so I ran a mile on the treadmill before he showed up. 107 calories there.

Then we did circuit training, but only 25 minutes' worth because we had to be done by 6. After our HRM discussion yesterday, what did I do, but leave my strap at work! So I have to estimate the circuit training at 238.

At lunch, I was much slower than I've been the past two days, my legs were a bit sore so I slowed down. I tried to extend my route to 6 miles, but did it on the fly rather than with MapMyRun and ended up at 5.75 miles. Had my heart strap, finally! 634 calories.

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Type:Run - General
Distance:5.73 mi

My wife was going to bail on the gym, but after I told her I was going whether or not she came, she changed her mind. BODY PUMP! GET IT UP! An hour and 16 minutes, burning 451 calories in the process.

Intake: not entirely sure, we ate out for dinner. Probably 2200-2500.
Burned: 1430

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