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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

From Twitter 08-03-2010

  • 03:16:18: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08-02-2010: 03:09:02: New post on my blog: From Twitter 08-01-2010: 03:13:40: Ne...
  • 05:59:13: Wt: 171.6, RHR: 48, BF: 17.4% #myhealthstats #fb
  • 10:57:04: Conference call: each person can call into the meeting individually.
  • 10:57:28: My company's idea of a conference call: each person within our company who's on the call in the conference room with speakerphone.
  • 12:57:07: What's the charging time from plug-in to charge when the Garmin 305 says battery low?
  • 13:56:36: Oh, I got an email just before my run...
  • 13:56:49: My gym has asked if I would like to be their member of the month for August.
  • 15:08:44: Heat got the best of me in mile 3. Ran 3.2mi in 28:21, 8:55/mi ave (8:14,8:21,10:15,8:33), 347 calories burned -
  • 15:19:50: Completed a workout named Weight Training. 228 (kcal). 00:29:48
  • 15:31:30: I just got an email from my gym: "We would like to offer you to be our Member of the Month for August. We like to a...
  • 15:32:45: Did a weights workout for 29 mins and felt good. Warmup, 3 circuits of 5
    Jumping Jacks
    Split Jacks
  • 15:36:19: Ran 3.18 miles in 28 mins and felt good. Tried to push it, but the heat got the best of me in mile 3. Ran 3.2mi in 2...
  • 15:58:36: I believe I've found my October half marathon:
  • 17:59:24: I'm at Chevron ExtraMile (2700 Del Paso Rd., Sacramento).
  • 22:43:11: New post on my blog: Today's Workouts: Ttoday... wow, what a day.This morning when I got up, I was 4 pounds down. ...

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