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Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Twitter 12-25-2010

  • 01:57:49: Mr. Dobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina. #fb
  • 03:01:25: New post on my blog: From Twitter 12-24-2010: 03:01:15: New post on my blog: From Twitter 12-23-2010: 03:01:26: ...
  • 08:24:44: Something's wrong. It's 7:30am and the kids are still asleep...
  • 08:28:02: Christmas awaits... why aren't the kids awake @ 7:30?
  • 08:29:23: "It COULD be a bowling alley!"
  • 09:30:51: Joy said "It's a videogame because it's square." She was right.
  • 11:07:16: Mommy! Christmas broke Twitter!
  • 11:55:53: I just read a Yahoo News article about Duran Duran, where they referred to their two albums: "Seven" and "The Ragged Tiger". :P #fb
  • 12:07:24: Ralphie's mom is HAWT.
  • 12:07:57: Ho Ho Ho, now I have a machine gun.
  • 12:10:15: Now I have a machine gun. Ho, ho, ho.
  • 12:55:08: I may be getting old, but a fist pump isn't near as effective as a high five.
  • 20:13:53: 45 minutes later, I got my 5-year-old wireless adapter working on the new Windows 7 box! Yay!
  • 20:18:44: From what I understand, there are people who buy computers, hook them up, and start using them RIGHT THEN.
  • 20:19:10: Not only that, but these people supposedly run the software that comes with the computers, and are actually happy.
  • 22:30:22: Woo! Windows 7 box set up enough so my wife is happy. I'll install my stuff later. :)

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