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Monday, December 27, 2010

From Twitter 12-26-2010

  • 03:01:29: New post on my blog: From Twitter 12-25-2010: 01:57:49: Mr. Dobolina, Mr. Bob Dobolina. #fb03:01:25: New post on...
  • 13:36:44: I just ousted Trevor R. as the mayor of Tower Mart on @foursquare!
  • 13:36:44: I'm at Tower Mart (1976 McGowan Pkwy, Powerline Rd, Olivehurst)
  • 14:27:22: Once upon a time, Wilford Brimley was an actor. Now he's a professional diabeetus sufferer.
  • 18:19:42: The 2nd time my wife got onto our new computer, she has Firefox frozen and popups everywhere. *head against wall*
  • 18:19:55: "So then I'm not supposed to search for anything online, ok."
  • 18:20:42: She can't get the concept of caution, I'll never understand it. "All I did was use Facebook."
  • 18:21:10: So what's this recipe? "Oh, all I did was search for cinnamon cookies." What site is it on? "I just searched."
  • 18:21:25: I see. So you don't know what website it was on? Food TV?
  • 18:27:27: Ooh. Lesson learned: don't mess with the dog by saying "Go take a bath!" while a kid is in the bathtub. The dog will take you seriously.
  • 18:27:56: Dog in question being a golden retriever.
  • 19:22:15: :( RT @News10_CA: CNN: Award-winning singer, songwriter Teena Marie has died at her home Sunday. She was 54.
  • 19:29:36: RIP Teena Marie ♫
  • 20:03:46: #dailymission #1: In 2007, I tripped and as I fell, my right arm went between two slats of a picket fence. I'm lucky...
  • 20:07:29: #dailymission #2: September 2009, I turned my ankle & took a week off running. 6 days into it, I stepped into a hole...
  • 20:39:27: Charging the Garmin for the first time in two weeks. It's on. #fb
  • 21:43:29: I remember you. I remember that your body was broken. I remember that your blood was spilled. I remember that you didn't have to do it. #fb

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