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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Today's Tweets

08:20 CIM coverage really sucks, it's more like the regular newscast featuring CIM. Good luck, Tim's Amy! #

09:50 Running short on time, gotta get dressed. Saw the CIM winners though, I think 1st for men was 2:16:43 or so. #

11:32 In church, singing praise songs. #

12:42 I shouldn't laugh but my mom keeps falling asleep in church. Heh. #

16:42 Why must I be too short to find decent running tights. #

18:19 Warning: the kids book section of Barnes & Noble is suicide. #

23:15 Now that I'm posting Daily Tweets to my blog and my blog to Twitter, will Earth ever see CERN come online? #

23:19 The Man in Black (Tights): Yes, it's true. I now own some tights. Friday I didn't work out because there.. #

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