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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Intervals - 5.35 miles

Today was tough, and early on I think I tweeted about being worried that my boss wouldn't let me out the door at all.

Well, my boss did let me go, I think I ended up out the door at 2:51pm, heh. It was an amazing day outside actually, temp was 52.7F. I even got to wear shorts and a t-shirt, which was great.

And I nailed my intervals.

13 min warmup + 6 x (1 min hard, 2 min easy) + 15 min cooldown. Hard was a 7:22 goal, I averaged a bit faster than that. Easy was ~10 min/mi. They were:

Interval 1: .14 mi, 7:11/mi
Interval 2: .14 mi, 7:04/mi
Interval 3: .14 mi, 7:00/mi
Interval 4: .14 mi, 7:00/mi
Interval 5: .15 mi, 6:50/mi
Interval 6: .15 mi, 6:50/mi

Total 5.23 miles, 49:24, 9:27/mi average.

I did learn something important: don't do intervals in an area where you have to cross the freeway exit just as rush hour starts. Ehh, I had to wait about 30 seconds in the middle of an interval (#4 I believe) for traffic to clear. I stopped the timer, which I normally wouldn't do, but the goal was to run a minute nonstop. I ended up re-running the first 30 seconds, then starting the timer for the last 30 seconds. Also funny, I accidentally ran an additional sprint at the end, so I think I made up for stopping time.

Then in the last mile, a couple of overweight teenagers driving by in their souped up, lowered, purple pickup made fun of me. Ah, to be young. Whippersnappers!


Darrell said...

Nice job.

Chad Sayban said...

Glad to hear the boss let you out to play. That is some nice weather to run in.