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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today's Tweets

05:42 Wt: 167.4, RHR: 52 #

06:50 On the way to work. #

06:52 No, officer, I, not texting while driving. I'm using Twitter. Different!!! #

07:33 existed pre-internet? #

07:34 Or am I just THAT old? #

08:18 That newspaper sock review is hilarious, they say they're going to review three "performance" socks, then go on to review two. #

08:34 Warren Robinett is the king! #

08:46 "When I was a kid, we didn't have polaroid cameras, we had to make an OIL PAINTING of what was in there!" -George Carlin on the refrigerator #

08:54 This morning Adam Carolla referred to a TV show: "I'm not that guy from 21" #

08:55 The one-two punch tonight on TV: Nip/Tuck & The Biggest Loser: Couples :) #

08:55 I posted this on a messageboard yesterday, but the best part about a new season of TBL: NO VICKY! #

09:47 Today's going make it difficult for me to run... I may have to run at 2 or 3! #

09:48 At least it's not summer. And I have my security HRM strap. *chuckle* #

10:22 Tell me why Vista makes me take ownership, then remove read only, then make me delete BEFORE I install Acrobat? #

10:23 All this after having to enable Administrator acct, then reboot, then log in as Administrator first. #

11:18 Property listing fail: check the description. #

12:07 Oh wow, it's 24: Day 85! #

15:53 Back from doing sprint intervals! #

15:58 Was supposed to do 6 x (1 min fast x 2 min slow), ended up doing 7. Oops! 5.22 miles, 49:07.51, 9:24/mi average #

16:25 Mapped 01/06/2009 Route (5.35 mi.) #

16:29 Completed 1/6/2009. 724 (kcal) Distance 5.35 mi. Duration 00:52:00 #

16:30 I wonder why MapMyRun shows 3 minutes longer than SportTracks? #

16:34 New Flickr upload: 1-6-2009 Intervals: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: #

16:52 Crap, forgot to schedule Nip/Tuck to record, and having trouble getting it going online. I guess I'll have to record a later showing. #

17:07 Alright, I'm off in search of Diet Dew. #

17:49 Big accident, 50 & 80/99. Guess where I am? At least I don't have to pee. #

17:52 Made it past. Now where's my Dew? #

18:08 Forget football, who's watching biggest loser? #

19:31 At the Children's Ministry meeting\dinner. #

19:34 Made plans to run 5 miles with another church group on Sat. Guess I'm doing my long run Sunday afternoon again. #

22:03 Finally home, finally watching The Biggest Loser. Didn't record Nip/Tuck, it doesn't re-air until Friday. Isn't that weird? #

22:12 Hah! I'm gonna like this guy. "I'm actually here! The gym where Bob & Jillian kill people!" #

23:14 I'm tired! Must... finish.. Biggest Loser. #

00:03 I did finish The Biggest Loser. Now this biggest loser must go to the biggest bed for the biggest sleep. Nite all. #

00:04 New post on my blog: Intervals - 5.35 miles: Today was tough, and early on I think I tweeted.. #

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