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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today's Tweets

06:30 Wt: 168, RHR: 54 #

06:58 Leaving 25 minutes late. :( #

08:50 Transitioning from low carb to "holy crap I'm eating 300-400g of carbs a day." Needless to say it's a tad rough. #

09:16 Hah! Speaking of carbohydrates, i wandered into the break room to hear someone complaining about how chinese food makes her hungry later. #

10:26 1200lb capacity toilet seat: #

10:37 Forget reacharound! #

12:07 Any good hikers/backpackers worth following? #

12:39 Man I love these: New Dharma Special Access video, password: holma #

12:39 Alright, time for the gym. Hopefully at lunchtime there aren't too many resolutioners. :) #

14:24 Strange, I just got an email from Fleet Feet about Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9, which isn't on the Brooks website. #

14:58 Indian coworker is listening to his ipod, singing out loud in Hindi. #

15:03 Mmm, kettlebells. #

15:49 3:45 already? This afternoon's flying by! That happens when I'm not at the gym until 1. #

15:52 MapMyFitness isn't spitting my workout onto Twitter today. :( #

15:53 Oh wait, duh, I changed my password. #


16:07 Testing my Connection #

16:08 Aha, there we go. Back to our normally scheduled tweets. ;) #

16:27 Training, people, training! #

16:29 Or would it be tweeple? #

16:58 Heading home. Diet Dew, where are you??? #

17:04 New post on my blog: Weight Workout: At the gym today, I was totally surprised that there ar.. #

17:04 New video uploaded: Running Vlog #1: Something silly I thought I'd try, this is my first Runn.. #

17:13 Heh, with changing my pwd, twitterfeed is feeding old Youtube videos of mine. Sorry bout that. #

17:13 Got my Diet Dew, I can safely drive home. #

19:34 Finished up with Cub Scouts, now at Target. No way am I spending $60 for a Polar strap! #

19:43 Now @ Walmart. I need a good Reebok HRM Woot! #

19:45 I lost my Polar strap that I use with the Reebok watch. :( #

19:47 Aha! Walmart had the right one. 50 bucks I can handle. The Reebok from Woot is 20, but you never know when it shows up. #

19:50 Stinkin Garmin & their nonstandard strap, and not tracking calories! #

21:16 GAH! 1720 calories eaten today and still barely got to 200g of carbs. BIG transitional learning curve. :-D #

21:16 I mean, what do I do, sit around eating rice all day? #

22:22 Watching: Babylon 5, Season 5: "Secrets of the Soul" #

23:01 You know, Jack Handey must love Twitter. #

23:02 If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let'em go, because, man, they're gone. #

23:16 I'm going to bed. Here's my prediction for morning: weight gain. We shall see. #

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