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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Long Run - 12 miles

Did my long run today. The first 2.5 miles I was a bit gimpy, I did my share of limping. After those first miles, I didn't have any problems with my leg at all. Towards the end of the run, I had a nice chat with a couple who were on the path. The man was in his 60s and was riding a bike, while the woman was running. She ran CIM (California International Marathon), while the man said he'd run 4 marathons last year, including Boston. I said really, what was your Boston time? He said, "It sucked!" He ran it in 3:47!

Mile 1: 9:56.93
Mile 2: 9:47.54
Mile 3: 9:42.77
Mile 4: 9:55.40
Mile 5: 9:46.17
Mile 6: 10:11.47
Mile 7: 9:49.70
Mile 8: 10:33.88
Mile 9: 10:25.93
Mile 10: 9:52.41
Mile 11: 9:41.39
Mile 12: 10:20.65

The route was a little different as well. My pastor told me that I could finish at 12 miles if I turned right in Sutter and ran to Butte House Road, then ran to Humphrey and back over to the trail again. It seems to have worked out, although I had to run on the street about a block to finish up 12 miles. Even then, the Garmin showed 11.99 miles.

12 miles, 10:01/mi average, 2:00:21, 1539 calories burned

Afterwards my son wanted me to take him to Red Robin. On the way there, he changed his mind and asked for Round Table instead. We split a small pizza, his half was cheese, my half was pepperoni. I ate the 3 pieces in my half, so I ended up eating the calories I burned. Oh well. :)

My leg feels great! Let's see if I still feel this good tomorrow.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the 12-miler. That pizza sounds really good.