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Friday, March 06, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:06 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:05 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:05 New po.. #

05:46 Wt: 173.4, RHR: 50, BF: 17.1%, DWD: 4 #

08:32 I caught up on Twitter in about 2 minutes. Woo! #

08:33 RT @runnersworld: Paula Radcliffe withdraws from London Marathon; cites broken toe. #

08:34 My lower leg is sufficiently frozen now, time to get to work. #

08:51 "Did it ring your phone?" "No it didn't." "But I just reprogrammed your phone so it would." "Oh hang on let me go to my phone..." #

09:14 It must be the water, I know too many middle-aged, balding men. #

10:45 Peter Tork has cancer. :( #

11:31 RT @rainnwilson: Greg Grunberg just tweeted that AMERICAN IDOL has been cancelled and won't be coming back next year!!!!! OMG!!! Aaaah! #

11:34 You haven't lived until you've seen this performed with 9 band members in the round. ♫ #

11:53 Please. If it's Friday, and I say "you'll get it tomorrow", isn't it obvious I mean Monday? Really. #

12:44 For the sake of my legs I've decided to skip the gym today. Am I bad? #

14:02 MLM! #

17:07 Now where's that Diet Dew? #

21:06 RT @caseywright: "I just blue myself." Arrested Development meets Watchmen: #

21:10 "Sayit, out loud. Say it." I farted. #

21:36 Alright, I'm off to bed. Nite all. #

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