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Friday, March 27, 2009

Today's Tweets

00:05 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:05 New post on my blog: Today's Tweets: 00:04 New po.. #

00:05 New video uploaded: Running Vlog #5: After losing the cardreader I used with my Treo 755p, an.. #

00:13 OK, I need to go to bed now. :) Nite all. #

06:19 Wt: 176.6, RHR 53, BF: 18.0%, DWD: 2 #

07:52 At work. Finally. :) #

07:56 RT @Oblivion: Best spam evar? -- This is yourr penis: 8--oThis is yourr penis on drugs: 8=====O Any questions? #

08:28 Girl in the break room was getting her hot cocoa packet ready. She shook it and *FOOM* it ripped open. Cocoa powder everywhere. #

08:50 RT @weirdnews: Family Unknowingly Lives Under "Spectre" of 60-Foot Phallus WACKY! #

09:44 RT @shawnz: YouTube adds a Twitter button: - NIE! #

12:07 OK, I had my 2 pieces of pizza. I'm done. #

12:54 At the Folsom DMV. They're at B164, I'm B201. It'll be a while. #

13:06 Oh wow, DMV computer's down. they said it's the longest that it's ever been down. #

13:06 New Flickr upload: DMV boredom: Gregoriopolis posted a photo: The guy behind me is complaini.. #

13:06 I wonder if I could get away with that one at work. #

13:07 The guy behind me just accused the DMV of slowing down his cell phone. #

13:15 What is LAW SQMA? #

13:23 Dude next to me is watching Seinfeld on his portable device. Without headphones. I hear "blablabla! (hahahahahaa) blahhhhh! (clapclap hahaha #

13:25 Another guy next to me has a lot of ink. Lady next to him said, "I was just looking @ your tattoos. I'm thinking of getting one." #

13:26 The lady who's thinking of getting one is about 80 years old. #

13:28 Dude has a tattoo that's a ring around the perimeter of his bald head, reaching across his FOREHEAD. #

14:11 In case you're wondering: yes, I'm still at the DMV. #

15:11 Back at work. Useless DMV visit. #

15:57 I realize it was an ad on FB, but it was very well focused. Have you runners seen these? #

16:29 Heh, Woot's shoved a few extra flip cams into the wootoff from last week's woot. Nice. #

16:29 Mine's working very well, thanks. :) #

16:54 Time to head home. Tonight is the final weigh-in/check-in of my son's Pinewood Derby car! Woo! #

17:05 New video uploaded: Jenny & Joy sing, "You Are My Hiding Place": In what's likely to be m.. #

21:21 OK folks, I'm off to bed. 18-miler in the mornin', I need sleep! #

21:34 New post on my blog: He Rises From the Dead - and VLOGS!: Man, I've been terrible. Actually .. #

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