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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 03:02:51: New post on my blog: From Twitter 04-25-2010: 03:01:59: New post on my blog: From Twitter 04-24-2010: 03:02:13: Ne...
  • 06:35:36: Wt: 173.8 (-1.8), RHR: 51, BF: 17.7% #myhealthstats #WLMon #fb
  • 06:49:54: I'm at Tower Mart (4217 Arboga Rd., McGowan Pkwy, Olivehurst).
  • 08:00:18: I just found my company's moving about 5 miles away. My boss didn't tell me though.
  • 08:00:47: I found out because there was an announcement on our Intranet. Thing is, we're the first ones who will be affected by the move.
  • 08:00:57: Why he neglected to tell us is beyond me, that's just ridiculous.
  • 08:01:48: This does complicate my life a bit. I'll have to switch gyms, it'll be a longer commute. Traffic off highway 50's a bitch at Sunrise.
  • 08:22:18: For the record though, I have yet to see cleavage in the wild today. #boobquake
  • 09:00:48: My stomach growling this morning sounds like a helicopter. #fb
  • 11:11:43: RT @nturnage: #RunFatboyRun D: Isn't there some sort of special technique? G: Yeah, u put one leg in front of the other over & over agai ...
  • 13:27:40: What use is that? The Foursquare client just told me my friends made 81 new check-ins. @zhephree
  • 14:20:22: Nothing like waiting until the last minute... my wife says the entry confirmation for the Avenue of the Giants Marathon just arrived. :P
  • 16:44:07: I'm at Bradshaw Shell (3591 Bradshaw Rd., Sacramento).
  • 18:15:38: I'm at Rite Aid (1590 Butte House Rd., Yuba City).
  • 21:43:30: New post on my blog: Final Weekend Before The Marathon!: Saturday was the Run Drugs Out of Town 5k. It's most def...
  • 22:00:37: WOOTOFF! :)"

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