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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Weight Training

The problem with not blogging when a thought or idea hits is that by the end of the day, it's completely gone. The workout was good today, it was supposed to be Friday's, but I didn't want to ruin my legs for my "big" weekend. 20 miles on Saturday, and a 10k race on Sunday.

Warmup, w/45lb barbell, 3 sets of 5
Overhead Barbell Squats
Barbell Squats
Good Mornings
Alternating Lunges
Romanian Deadlift

Leg Press, 3x25x180lbs
Lunges, 3x25x(2x20)
Barbell Military Press, 3x25x45lbs
Front Raises, 2x25x8lbs

33:12, 203 calories burned

Tomorrow morning is 8 tempo miles. In the evening, I'm going to try to make it over to Fleet Feet in Roseville by 5pm, when they're going to have a group run with none other than Dick Beardsley. Dick is famous for having a shootout at the end of the Boston Marathon in 1982 with Alberto Salazar, fighting for first place. While he didn't win (Salazar did, with a course and world record time of 2:08), he's certainly one of the people in running that I'd love to meet. The run's supposed to be 3 to 5 miles in length, which won't be too bad. I just hope I can get there in time! Maybe I'll be able to duck out of work a few minutes early.

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